In order to get the most out of Protect4S, the following conditions should exist (but are not compulsory):

  • Protect4S delivers best results if the backend systems are connected to the SAP Solution Manager via the Managed System setup in transaction SOLMAN_SETUP (Workcenter Solman Configuration). Choose the “Full configuration Including Service Delivery / EWA” option.

  • Protect4S has no specific hardware requirements because its memory and CPU consumption is very low. But when running a project containing more than 10 scans, it is advised to monitor the use of system resources and make use of the server group settings in order to control the number of active work processes.

See Appendix E , "Using a Server group".

  • In order to fully utilise the Protect4S notification functionality, we recommend to configure the sending of emails from the Solution Manager system. See the SAP documentation for additional information.

  • When using the Automatic Security notes mitigation functionality it might be considered to set the parameter rdisp/max_alt**\_modes** to a value higher than the default value of "6" to not run into issues when running multiple mitigation runs at the same time.