satellite system JAVA user

For SAP JAVA based systems or double stack type satellite systems, a dedicated J2EE user needs to be provided to the System connection wizard. This J2EE user is created by using one of the following 2 procedures:

1. Procedure for SAP J2EE systems based on Netweaver 6.40 and 7.0X

  1. Use the SAP J2EE UME (user Management Engine) in order to:

  2. create the user

  3. set a permanent password for this user (you will have to logon once to set it)

  4. and assign the role: SAP_JAVA_NWADMIN_CENTRAL_READONLY

  5. In addition, the security role SystemInfo_Support_Role must be assigned to the user using the Visual Administrator.

To do this, create an empty UME group in the Java system called “Protect4S” (only a description is needed):

Creating the UME Group "Protect4S"

Then logon to the Visual Administrator and go to the menu item: Server , Services, Securityprovider

Select the Component:*sap_monitoring and press the tab “Security Roles”:

Visual Admin Component*sap_monitoring

Press the CHANGE button, select the Security role “systeminfo_support_role” and click on Add button for the Groups area. Search the newly created protect4s group and select it so it becomes blue.

  1. Afterwards press the Edit button once in order to change back to display mode and exit the Visual Administrator.

  2. The last step is to assign the new UME group Protect4S to the Java user used in the application.

Assigning the UME group to the JAVA user

2. Procedure for SAP J2EE Systems based on SAP Netweaver 7.10 and higher

a) Use the SAP J2EE UME (user Management Engine) in order to:

  • create the user

  • set a password

  • and assign the role: NWA_READONLY

b) Add the Action tc~monitoring~systeminfo to a new role and assign this new role to the created user too using the Netweaver Administrator:

Adding Action tc~monitoring~systeminfo to a new role.

In case of problems with the JAVA user, please check Appendix A: JAVA connection.